The Student/Teacher Relationship


Fluxo Jiu-jitsu was built with the vision to provide the citizens of our community a better coping mechanism for their daily life challenges.

I feel the job of the teacher is to present loss as leverage, instead of an outcome. Jiu Jitsu has allowed me to understand that losing can be used as a learning experience and help us evolve into better individuals; in reflecting on our inefficiencies and how those lead to a loss, allows us to refine our processes. It is for these reasons that Jiu Jitsu can be a system in which we create the best version of ourselves.

At the heart of the relationship between teacher and student is education. It is the job of a teacher to provide the student with a path, a place, and a way of education. In short, I provide the plan that the student can pair and apply their efforts into. The end goal, is to improve. That carries a responsibility along with it. It is the job of the teacher to provide the most efficient path to do so, and it is the job of the student to apply the lessons as diligently possible at all times.

The hope is if we spend our time with one another learning precisely and applying intensely, that we create a culture of mutual benefit; you improve your teammates and your team mates improve you. If we both execute our roles well, as a student and teacher, we have the chance to hold a special type of character.